Autism Acceptance

See Amazing in All Children

A Common—But Misunderstood—Diagnosis

In the United States, an estimated one in 59 children is diagnosed on the autism spectrum. But while the diagnosis is increasingly common, public understanding of autism is not. At Sesame Workshop, we know that all children want the same things: to feel safe, happy, and loved. And all children have something to contribute—unique perspectives and talents that help make the world a richer and more interesting place.

All Children Are Amazing

That’s why we created Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children, an initiative aimed at communities with children ages 2 to 5. Developed with input from people with autism, parents, and providers who serve the autism community, See Amazing in All Children offers families tools and tips to manage common challenges, to simplify everyday activities, and to grow connections and support from family, friends, and community. We work with a host of partner organizations and community providers to make sure our materials are getting into the hands of families who need them most.

Meet Julia

Julia is a four-year-old Muppet of Sesame Street with red hair and bright green eyes who loves to draw and play tag. She has autism, which friends like Elmo and Abby Cadabby will tell you means that sometimes she does things a little bit differently, in a “Julia sort of way.” She has quickly become a beloved part of the Sesame Street gang, appearing in episodes throughout each season.

Our Impact

Julia’s television debut was greeted with hundreds of media stories and an outpouring of support on social media. A recent awareness study found that nearly 52% of American adults were aware of Julia; among parents of children with autism, that awareness is even broader. But the most touching marker of her impact has been the overwhelming response from the autism community and beyond. Parents say their autistic children have more playdates because of Julia. Teachers report that their students are more inclusive in their play. One mother told us that she used a storybook about Julia to explain to her daughter that she, too, has autism. Her daughter responded, “So I’m amazing too, right?”

Looking Ahead

We’re committed to supporting autistic children and their families. Each year, we add more research-based content to the See Amazing library. Internationally, Julia is making a difference in places like Australia, Japan, and Mexico. Together, we’ll keep working to reduce the isolating stigmas and misconceptions that still surround autism, because every child is amazing.

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